We are a wholesaler and distributor in New Zealand. We do not sell directly to the public. We are a Limited Liability Company.


GST - 120-033-611

The Terms and Conditions of this website are subject to change. Please check this page to ensure you agree to the latest version. When a buyer/retailer signs up to Third Space Limited, the website and associated business activities, the buyer/retailer enters into a binding contract for the purposes of supply of goods and the legal requirements thereof.

Payment Details:

Third Space Limited


Account Number


Please ensure that you complete all payment details as part of the checkout process.

1. Invoice – If you require terms these are strictly 30 days from date of invoice. A 5% administration fee may be applied after expiry of the 30 day term

2. Accounts receivable enquiries: sales@thirdspace.nz

Back Orders

Unfortunately, some products may be out of stock or delayed. In this rare event all back orders of $30.00 cumulative value or more will automatically be reordered and shipped when available. Our aim is to ensure that the website and product information are as up to date as possible.


Retailers and Account Holders will initially receive at least 45% off the retail price including GST for each item. This is subject to change and some specially imported products may limit discounts. Third Space Ltd may offer tier based pricing dependent on volume. Promotions and clearance items will not be restricted and further discounts may be offered.

All prices quoted in this website and stock lists exclude GST. The GST component will show on the invoice we provide through the website.

All prices listed are current at the time of publication. They are subject to change without notice. Third Space Limited is registered for GST and will issue a tax invoice which clearly identifies the GST component.

Damages and Claims

Subject to legislative requirements which cannot be altered by contract, and at our discretion, customers are entitled to receive a replacement or refund or equivalent amount of credit, if they receive goods that are over or short supplied, not ordered, damaged or faulty. Notification must be made by

email: sales@thirdspace.nz

within 7 days of receipt of goods. Failure to advise Third Space Limited within 7 days may result in your request being declined.

Once approved, the customer service team will issue a Returns Authority Number and provide you with details of how to return the goods. Goods should not be returned without receiving a Return Authority Number as this will delay or may invalidate any claim.

Approved returned goods must be received by Third Space Limited complete and in the original packaging and condition in which they were delivered for a credit to be issued.

If you change your mind about a product after delivery, we may at our discretion provide you with a refund or an equivalent amount in credit. In all instances we will charge a mandatory Return Freight and Handling Charge of 20% of the invoiced value. Furniture can not generally be returned for this reason. A return request must be made within 7 days of receipt of goods.

Once a return request has been approved, we will issue you with a Return Authority Number and provide you with details of how to return the goods. Goods should not be returned without receiving a Return Authority Number as this will invalidate any claim. All returned goods must be received complete and undamaged for the claim to be processed.

Product Warranties

Each item is intended for use only for the purpose described and not for any other purpose. Naturally, any item to be used by a child requires careful adult selection and use should be under proper adult supervision. Items must only be used by children of an appropriate age. Guidelines are given but the final decision must be made by the selecting adult taking into account the nature of the child concerned. A photographic image may be required to support your warranty claim. In the instance that the Third Space representative or customer service team deem the product to have been misused your warranty claim may not be honored.

Credit Terms and Recovery

Credit is extended and products supplied to the customer/retailer in good faith and is compliant under the standard regulatory conditions as set out in the Commerce Act 1986 Fair Trading Act 1986, Sales of Goods Act 1908 and the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003.

Third Space Limited, deemed the supplier, can enforce proceedings against the buyer in pursuance of the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003 if the supplier has established grounds of non-payment of goods outside of the normal payment terms agreed to by both parties, being the supplier and buyer.

Should the buyer choose not to pay for product in a reasonable amount of time or to arrange alternative payments in agreement between parties, Third Space Limited has the right to take action to recover costs and or repossess any items that are the property of or transacted from Third Space Limited to the value of the goods including penalties or depreciation of goods. Repossession of goods will be in compliance with Section 3 and 4 of the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003.

Design Changes

We reserve the right to vary the specifications or performance criteria of any item from time to time and to obtain items from different sources, at our absolute discretion. We may do that without prior notice provided we have reasonable grounds for believing that the alternative item offered is substantially similar to that previously offered or represents an improvement.


The Third Space logo, catalog, brochures and flyers, images and website content including copy and images cannot be reproduced (in whole or in part) in any form without the express permission of Third Space Limited.


Both Third Space Limited and the Buyer will agree to the privacy and confidentiality of any business activities between parties. Any unlawful activity including the passing of information and proprietary knowledge to competitors, and through the supply chain of Third Space Limited, making false or misleading statements will be taken seriously and acted on in pursuance of the Summary Offences Act 1981, and the Crimes Act 1961


We believe the information in the website is correct at the time of publishing, but no representation or warranty is given with regard to the accuracy of such information.